Carr Wrestling Academy is committed to training the students in a system to be the best wrestler they can be in three areas:  Mental (attitude/toughness), physical (technique) and social(ethics/faith/respect), as well as developing a student confidence, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic for the rest of their life.

THE PLAN and vision for the program and students at the Carr Wrestling Academy is to give wrestlers the tools and skills to compete on any level of wrestling and in life. We not only believe that you will become the best wrestler that you can be but you will be able to teach what you know. If you can teach and demonstrate what you have learned then you are ready to compete with the best.  This will take time, just as the process of developing champions takes dedication, hard work, and time.

THE GOAL is to build a system of wrestling that will enhance a dedicated wrestler's to excel at any level of wrestling and that they can transfers these skill to the real world for the rest of their life.

You can Win Matches Now!

You can get these results:
• Dominating takedowns
• Getting off the bottom
• Riding, Tilting, and Pinning
• Learning the details, drills, and strategies of the techniques
• Making champions the norm instead of the exception

We've helped produce:
Finish in the top three for 18 straight years

Mission Statement

Strength. Discipline. Character.